B3 is Beauty - Babes, Boudoir.. which just so happens to be what we love the most.

  • Beauty - The beauty of people and all things is what we strive for here. The candid portraits of your 50th birthday, the sun setting over a majestic landscape, or the senior portrait you've been looking forward to all year.
  • Babes -  This is all about the babes in your life. Your kids, your family, your maternity journey, labor/delivery and beyond. We love to capture your most intimate birth stories, your cake smash as well as the love between families (engagements, elopements and weddings included)
  • Boudoir - This is our most favorite as we love to empower and liberate others through the use of photographic art. From couples rekindling sessions, to father's day/weddings gifts and even a solo self-empowerment session. If it's sexy (and tasteful) we are interested!

Fresh 48 Newborn Session

We were so blessed to be a part of this birth story. Not only did we get a chance to document a beautiful cesarean birth, but we also had the chance to meet in home for the updated fresh 48 session. The love flowing between this beautiful family is intoxicating. Let us be a part of capturing your story today. 


Felicia and Husband

Intimate Couple Portraits

Having kids is hard. Becoming parents to multiples is even harder. Working while life passes you by... hardest.

Many times this can cause our relationships to get left by the wayside while life takes over. Before you know it we  have drifted so far away from our partners that we don't recognize them anymore. These sessions are meant to bring you back together; to give you a chance to reconnect with your significant other and rekindle the flames that may be fizzling. Let us be the catalyst that sparks your love.

Already in love? New sparks flying? Fantastic... let us capture those moments and the passion that is beautiful love.



Self Love - Boudoir

Society tells us that we should be extraordinary individuals (hello social media!)... but what they don't tell us is that it's all for show. 

We get stuck playing a role for others while never getting a chance to truly love ourselves and our bodies. 

These sessions are meant to reconnect you with yourself. To capture you as the world see's you. To provide a spouse with sexy images for a birthday, a wedding day, a just because I love you day. We LOVE being a part of the moments that make you feel sexy. 

Not feeling sexy? Feeling like you need to lose 10 lbs first?

Stop, you are perfect... give us the chance to show you how amazing you really are. 

Trust us. 

We know what we are doing.