28 Days to Abundance - Let’s get started!

Hiiiii Everyone!!

I'm super excited to have you embark on this 28 Days to Abundance journey with me this month.

Please be patient with me s this is the first time I am running a group/workshop like this, so I will be building your worksheets and posts as we go through the month together. Later today I will get you a photo & post with your list of "Tools Needed for Success" and honestly.... it isn't much.

Technically we will be getting started tomorrow, BUT I wanted to get you all thinking about a few things in the meantime.

Right now you only need to think of three things..

1. The Dream You Have For This Life. - Start creating a list. If you already have one.... let's add to it! I'll get in to specifics for this exercise later.

2. Find Your Spiritual Running Buddy. - Yes, I will always be here for you as an accountability partner, but studies have shown that when you bring people in to your life who have similar goals... the likelihood of you achieving them goes up. Soooo... invite people to this group (Only after talking with them first) who you think would benefit from a huge life change.

3. Join the Facebook Group. - You can absolutely do your self work alone, but it’s easier when you can see the discussions of others. If you do not have Facebook, make sure you have a spiritual buddy to help catch you up on the things you miss or the blocks you run in too.


And that's it for now.

I will be using a few tools over the next 28 days, but the main framework will come from the book, "The Magic" by Rhonda Byrne. We will also be adding in some Oprah, some Gala Darling, some Gabby Bernstein and more. SOOOOO.. there is no need to rush out and buy anything at this point since we will be focusing on mindset in the beginning.

Alright ladies and gents, I'll catch you soon

Love & Light,

Ashton Miyako


Why does my community make me cry?


Having a sense of community is important, but being a part of the RIGHT community is what keeps us going.


Imagine this. You’ve got some big decisions in life to make and you’ve come to the point where you need to make the leap. To stand on the edge of the cliff, looking down into the abyss....you need to jump and trust that you will fly. Some may love the adrenaline/fear surrounding them and jump without hesitation trusting faith, while most will probably stand there immobile, questioning their choices.


What if after surrounding yourself with the right people, you look down over that cliff to see that there are out stretched hands and smiles ready to catch you if you fall. A cheerleading crowd of sorts telling you....”It’s ok. Take the leap!” . Then trusting faith becomes easy. You know that if you fall they will catch you and if you fly, you’ll raise up your community with you. 


Here is what I see more and more....fake communities and fake friends that are only around to gain popularity on  instagram. People who pair together as a means to sustain their narcissistic qualities...although bound together in a pretty community-love bow.  Let’s say, you’ve paired yourself with a community that seems like a good fit, minus a few red flags here and there. You find that people are eager to help with outstretched hands, but only if it serves them. They feed your desire to not to be alone, but when you are standing on the edge of the cliff looking down.....they open up like a hole in a mosh pit letting you fall and then get trampled over by life. This act can lead you to feeling low, alone and worthless. We are who we surround ourselves with. 



Know the difference. Surround yourself with those who want to see you succeed just because they believe in you, not because there is something in it for them. Do not be afraid to walk away from those who don’t leave you feeling more than whole.

2019 is quickly approaching. Together let’s walk away from our limiting beliefs, our limiting friendships and the mindset that we will never rise above our current mindscape.

Together We Rise


Ashton Miyako

20 Women for 20 Stories - Raw Empowerment Series

I’ve been wanting to share this project for so long, but I just felt like the timing was off. Like I wasn’t good enough, worthy enough, strong enough….. just enough… to start this project and share it with you. But the time has come.. We are here to speak up and out.

Will you join us?

Embrace Fear


Can you find the girl who is one with nature?

Embracing fear and surrendering to love is easily the hardest thing I will ever go trough in this life.

In listening to Oprah’a Super Soul Sessions I was stopped dead in my tracks when discussing despair...why do we feel despair? We feel despair because we are holding on to a life, a job or a person not meant for us. That we were holding so tightly to something that was set as a mere lesson to guide us along the way to who we are meant to be.

These lessons are real. The pain you feel is real. The rejection is real. Sit in it. Feel it. Embrace it. Then give it a great big hug and choose love instead.

So here I am. Choosing to trust the universe and diving head first into the unknown with the most incredible guides leading the way. I need nature to get grounded with the energy that surrounds me and to silence the voices that tell me I’m not good enough.

Here’s what you need to know today.

You are worthy.

You are abundant.

What you seek in life is already within you.

You are loved.

Embrace fear and surrender to love.

You are not alone.

Xoxo loves.

The Journey


Not every day is going to make you feel like you’ve got things under control.

On this road to self love and leaning in to the universe...you’re going to have days where you wake up and you just don’t feel it.

That. Is. Normal.

We can’t switch on our spiritual lightbulb and all of a sudden love & abundance flocks to us like moths to our very beautiful flame. It takes work. This spiritual journey is a lifelong one, so please do not give up.

In times like these focus on what you can control. Check in with yourself regularly throughout the day and see if your thoughts match the path you’re trying to take.

If not, gently correct them.

Let me repeat that. GENTLY.

Please, if you can, do not talk down to yourself because you have not reached the level of enlightenment you so desire after a few weeks of meditation. These steps do not come easy. If they did, the world would be a different place.

So take care of yourself and check in regularly.

If you need, set a a self check in alarm a few times a day and spend 5 minutes with yourself.

Forgive yourself for not starting sooner.

Forgive yourself for the regrets you hold.

Happy Wednesday .

With all the love and light I can offer.


I see you.

I feel you.

You are not alone.


Kick off to our Boudi Marathon Season!

When the leaves change, and the clouds roll in it reminds me of what we have manifested all year. It’s a time of reflection, self-love and mental alignment, which to me screams, “Get my body in to nature!!”. It’s not only a time to connect with ourselves, but also with our surrounding and the energy that flows between us. This, this moment is my favorite time of year.


It seems fitting that the kick off to our Boudi Marathon Season be set in a time when all I want to do is help people connect with their souls… naked…. in nature.

Enter in, our first scouting session for this beautiful new location in Castle Rock, Saratoga, California.

First, let’s go back to fact that I love posting casting calls for these naked in nature test sessions. I often don’t know where we are hiking to, what we will find along the way, how long it will take or what we will come up with. Yet, each time I have so many beautiful souls sign up to take the journey into the unknown with me. For that, I am forever grateful to these beautiful men/women willing to bare it all for the sake of my own art and universal connection.

Sam, was my willing participant this time around.

Luckily, I knew where we were going, but not exactly how it would turn out. Being the incredible trooper she was, we got up early and hit the mountains, hiked 35 minutes to Goat Rock, where she then got naked and connected to the earth.

Here’s what I love most. The comments that are said during and after shooting. I love it when people get excited about being wild. Feeling it in their bones that they came from the same energy that flows around them through the trees, the dirt, the birds and the clouds. To stand naked, in the middle of nowhere. No shame. No judgement. No body adversity. Complete trust and acceptance. That my lovies, is why I do what I do. I capture those moments of selfless beautiful freedom.

This session inspired me to turn this experience into the kick off to our Boudi Marathon Season. Starting last minute, of course… because WHY WAIT! We only have 4 slots available, so if you are interested in taking advantage of the discounted price, click here. I have a feeling this will sell out quickly. We will hike in as a group, complete a quick self-love meditation, get naked and frolic through the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Love and Light my beauties. I hope to see you on the mountain.

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter, where I will be updating all future dates, adventures, workshops and events.


Ashton Miyako
[B3] - Beauty Babes Boudoir
Founder, Photographer and Genuine Body Empowerment Guide

New Makeup Alert!!


I’d like you to meet Tonya Rae, she is our newest Makeup Artist to the B3 team and she is as beautiful inside as she is out. Her bright and caring personality totally remind you of how much of a badass she is at her job.


First time we met, I shot her naked for my Raw Empowerment Series (photos to come soon). If that’s not a way to meet someone, I don’t know what is.


Since we both believe in the power of healing and body empowerment, we teamed up to literally weathered the storm. Yesterday we test shot her makeup skills and her beautifully  dramatic and flawless hand had each girl going from your everyday girl next door to va va voom vixen.


I could not be more excited to add her to the team!!!

Did I mention she also is a licensed esthetician? Hello self care Sunday’s!! Who needs a facial?


That’s right. Let’s book her up and create some serious magic!!

To see more of her work check out her Instagram!! 

  • Instagram: @beautybytonyarae


Special thanks to StarlaMay Lattimer, Colette and Sammy for modeling.

All jewelry by Sandra Martinelli.


Shoes, Jewelry and Style...Oh My!


There are moments where I realize I am the luckiest person alive because I get to do what I love with people that I love and products I believe in. This spring session with Sandra Martinelli Designs and Klub Nico Footwear did not disappoint. Let’s be honest though, any excuse to hang out with this babe of a human (Hello my model for the day, Sam!) is a good day. She’s smart, driven, passionate, beautiful inside and out PLUS she’s so flipping cool that all I ever want to do is hangout with her. 


You better believe that when I had the opportunity to get my favorite local jewelry designer together with my favorite shoe company AND my favorite model/friend/ general badass, I was ecstatic!!

So here’s a quick preview.


Zoom in to this epic layering from Sandra Martinelli  Body chains with necklaces AND a jumpsuit.  Ugh. Yes. PLEASE. 

Then there’s the all leather blush pink strappy heels making these shoes literally perfect for any occasion. Bridal, Baby Shower, Sunday Brunch, Meeting the Parents, Church, Beach Vaction, Wine Tasting .......  the options are endless. They are oh so cute, pair with everything, designed in Aptos, made in Brazil and sold world wide. Also....comfy as hell. Buy these shoes!


Muse: Sam Whisman

Jewelry: Sandra Martinelli

Shoes: Klub Nico

Location: Olla Cocina

Call For Nominations - 20 Women For 20 Stories

In honor of International Women’s Day, today we launch our latest Project Series:


20 Women For 20 Stories

We are looking for 20 women who have had to over come body adversity in their lives. We are looking for the strongest and most resilient of women who have stories to tell of their challenges and are willing to shed their clothing, get vulnerable and take beautiful portraits with us.

Women who are chosen will receive a complimentary photo session, digitals and 1 framed print in exchange for their story and model release ($850 value). We would love to gift a signed book to each nominee as well as a token of appreciate for their candid and honest journey into self love. 

A coffee table book will be made of up those photos and stories then sold worldwide. A portion of the proceeds will be put into toward a scholarship for an up and coming female entrepreneur who is creating a business that empowers women.

Do you know of a woman in your life who has overcome serious adversity in her life and would be interested in participating in our project?!

To nominate someone you know, please send us their story!

you can do so by leaving a comment, messaging us on facebook or forwarding us an email at ashton@ashtonmiyako.info. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Deadline is March 31st, 2018 @ 12pm PST.