Are you ready to be more successful with online dating?

If so, read on my dear single hearts.

Gone are the days of blurry photos, cropping your ex out of that cute wedding photo with a weird emoji, posting group photos (where everyone is wasted but you still look cute!) at the lake…. because you know…. camping.

If you’re ready to start dating seriously, it’s time to take yourself seriously too.

These days it seems harder than ever to meet people. Our lives are busy, careers are often put at the top of our priority lists next to family, friends, health and wellness. So, how do you even meet new people in today’s growing digital era?

Online Dating!

Did you know that 47.9 million Americans have tried online dating?

What about that 84% of those singles were looking for a long term relationship?

Or that the average time spent online dating is 3 months?

Three. Fucking. Months.

That’s not much time to present your best self while swimming through a sea of potential matches. Add in age, # of divorces, kids, religion, race, political views AND career wonder people don’t meet their partners the “old fashioned” way.

In the grand scheme of online dating your profile matters, your photos matter and your ability to project your authentic self matters.

We are in a world of instant gratification where you can swipe right from the comfort of your bed. Now is the time to give yourself a digital makeover and set yourself apart from the rest.

Welcome to the [B3] experience.

Dating can feel like a full-time job, so I’ve decided to make it a little bit easier, plus I want to help you achieve your dating goals.

From simply meeting new people to jumping head first into finding THE ONE. I am here to help you put your best face forward by showcasing your amazing personality through beautiful imagery or prepping you to date more successfully though one on one date coaching and online profile review. Professional wardrobe consultations can be added to help me sure you are dressed for success before meeting your next date.

Are you ready to present your best self?

Let’s go!

investment guide

Sure, it’s an investment, but it’s one I know you’ll be happy to make.

Each session includes a 1 hour consultation (in person or over the phone) to discuss all things YOU. I dig deep with my clients to get to know what they are looking for out of online dating. The more honest with me you are, the easier it is for my to take authentic photos of you.

Looking to just casually date? Awesome! It’s important that I don’t photograph you in a way that says, “Let’s get married tomorrow.”

Looking for something more serious? Need to let people know that you are a single, full time parent, but still ridiculously fun and outgoing? Great, let’s do your favorite activity. You get family photos out of it too.

No matter your situation. I’m here for you.

Ready. Set. What’s next?

Step 1. Pick Your Exclusive Session Package

I’ve created a little something for everyone, but a client favorite is the “Let’s Get Drinks”. The reason being is it gives you enough images to update your dating profile, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Many dating apps work in conjunction with these outside apps, and I want to help make sure your social profiles are all speaking the same language.

How many profiles have you seen where it’s all cute selfies and down to earth family portraits…. but their instagram is taking shots in Cabo half naked and falling down drunk?

Hey, I don’t knock the lifestyle, but if you’re serious about dating… let’s get everything on the same page

Then call (or fill out the form below) to schedule your in-person or on phone consultation.

50% of package fee is due upfront to reserve your session time/date and is non refundable.

20% off is given to those who pay full cost upfront.

Let’s Get Coffee - 1249

1 Location

60 min shoot time

Hair and Makeup (if needed)

1-2 stories (wardrobe changes)

Private Online Gallery

10 Retouched Photos

Let’s get drinks - 2230

2 Locations

90 min shoot time

Hair and Makeup (if needed)

2-3 stories (wardrobe changes)

Private Online Gallery

20 Retouched Photos

Let’s go all out - 3499

3 Locations

180 min shoot time

Hair and Makeup (if needed)

4-5 stories (wardrobe changes)

Private Online Gallery

50 Retouched Photos

Let’s Get Away - 1869

This is a destination activity shoot. I’m sure there is that one hobby you really love, and yet you are never prepared for the photo to be taken. Skiing, Hiking, Rock Climbing, Yoga, Color Factory, the Arts.. etc. This package is for those who just need a single activity documented.

1 activity

90 min shoot time

Private Online Gallery

Hair and Makeup (if needed)

30 Retouched Photos

*This is the base cost. Cost for photographer to attend will depend on the activity & length of stay*

I want it all - 5500

Packages Includes:

  • Let’s Go all out

  • no games

  • lets get away

No games just help - 850

Online Profile Review

2 hr. Date Coaching Session

2 Hr. Wardrobe Consultation

Step 2. Fill Out This Form to Book Your Consultation

Name *
When would you like to book your session? *
When would you like to book your session?

Ask me Anything

I'm ready to book. What's next?

Pick a package. Pick a date. Let's go!

How do I pay?

I accept Venmo, PayPal and Apple Pay. 12% Sales tax will be added to all sessions. 50% deposit secures your shoot date. Session must be paid in full 48 hours BEFORE your scheduled session date, or session will be cancelled. If full payment is made at time of booking, 20% discount will be given on total session cost. Deposit is non-refundable.

  • Venmo - @AshtonMiyako

  • PayPal -

  • ApplePay - 831.295.1711

Where do we shoot?

Each session is tailored to your specific personality. Please schedule a consultation with Ashton to discuss plans. If an Airbnb, Hotel or Ticket location (Museum of Ice Cream, Color Factory, etc.) is need. Client will cover costs of the photographer, or handle the booking themselves. If help is needed, please just ask.

How long til I see photos?

You will receive a sneak peak same day! From there you will receive a link to your private gallery within on week from your shoot date. From there you will choose which photos you would like to download. When you are done choosing, a download code will be sent. Your gallery will remain online for 30 days from session date. After 30 days it will automatically archive.

What if I need to cancel?

I understand that life events happen. I am more than happy to reschedule during a time that meets your needs. Please let me know how I can help.


Have more questions? Reach me via text at 831.295.1711